Let’s face it….nobody wants to be bald!


Here at the Advanced Medical Hair Institute, we’re dedicated to providing guaranteed solutions for your hair loss.

“I Wish I Would’ve Done This 10 Years Ago”

- Jack Forbes, Patient
What’s the only complaint we ever hear from our patients? That they didn’t come to us sooner!
Seriously, our patients are so thrilled with their results that they VOLUNTEER to do these testimonials! Not only is
Dr. Williams’ advanced hair restoration technique guaranteed to produce a 100% natural result, it’s virtually pain free and doesn’t leave a noticeable scar.
Don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from our patients: Dr Joseph Williams is THE pioneer of cutting edge hair loss solutions.


Before and After

36 year old male 1 year post-op having received a total of 3,068 grafts utilizing custom cut blades. The patient also received PRP injections into the transplanted areas and A-Cell/PPP graft soak prior to placement. He utilized low level laser therapy two to three times per week after his transplant for one year rather than Propecia.

Before and After

58 year old male 1 year post-op having received a total of 2,078 grafts utilizing custom cut blades. Patient is pleased with more of a natural look and may want an additional procedure to further conceal and improve density.

Before and After

42 year old male who underwent multiple prior procedures elsewhere. He is now 17 months post-op having received a total of 2,221 grafts utilizing custom cut blades.

Before and After

30 year old male 1 year post-op having received a total of 2,161 grafts utilizing custom cut blades. Patient was happy with results and desires a second procedure.

Before and After

54 year old male 2 year post-op having received a total of 2,431 grafts utilizing custom cut blades. Patient was very happy with his results, he recently had a second procedure with Dr Williams to increase volume.

Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT)

FUT is a technique that allows a large number of grafts to be transferred on a single day. Also known as the “Strip Technique,” in involves removing a narrow, superficial strip of skin from the back of the scalp. Contrary to some reports, the overall potential for scarring is far less with FUT than FUE. Dr. Williams guarantees to produce an insignificant linear scar that is virtually undetectable.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The original hair transplants (i.e. “hair plugs”) were done in the same manner as FUE, although the technique has been refined over the years. FUE is a good option for many patients, but if you’re told that FUE is the only method your prosepective hair restoration practice will offer or that FUE will eliminate scarring, get another opinion! We offer both FUE and FUT, in addition to a variety of non-surgical options.

Advanced Technology

We use state of the art methods to help our patients get better results, faster! Dr. Williams is a pioneer in stem cell research and he uses platelet rich plasma (known as PRP) and A-cell therapy with each patient to promote healing and stimulate new hair growth.